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Floor Mats

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Car Floor Mats

Car floor mats are interior protective accessories that add a luxury touch and prevent dirt, dust, water, spills, and wear. The floor mats for cars come in different materials like rubber, vinyl, and carpet. Automotive carpeting can be modified by your choice including logo mats, monogrammed mats, and custom logo to zeal for your favorite team logos. From universal floor mats to custom fit liners, from cargo area liners to complete replacement carpet sets, we supply all types of vehicle mats to upgrade your carpeting as needed.

Floor Mat Types

The automobile floor mats come in several types like rubber mats, PVC mats, plastic mats, carpet mats, all-weather mats, cargo liners, 3D mats, logo mats, custom fit mats, universal floor mats, and many more. We have a variety of floor mats for cars, you can get by your specific needs like matching color, vehicle brand, and model. There are other kinds of mats you can get to protect your car as well as add an aesthetic appeal to the interior of your car such types are curly mats, synthetic rubber, thermoplastic mats, fabric mats, and aluminum mats.

How Do I Choose A Good Car Floor Mat?

Choosing floor mats for your car by considering some of the factors is crucial. It depends on your needs and car requirements to select the best-suited mats. When thinking of selecting floor mats for vehicles then take a look at our recommendations.

Material: Check the material of your car floor mats like rubber, heavy-duty carpeting, all-weather, and PVC, but make sure the mats you are opting for are made of reliable material as well as suitable for your car interior.

Mat size: The best thing to consider when buying car floor mats is determining their size but ensure the mats are available for your car’s specific make and model first. Custom-fit-mats are also the best option to get for your vehicles as they cover the entire floor area.

Style: Select the best-suited style that enhances your car’s interior look. You can pick the matched color and design from a wide range of mats.

Security: Ensure security by selecting anti-slip, and non-sweat mats. They are reliable to use without any risk of slipping and interference with the driver’s pedals.

Budget: Think about the floor mats for car according to your budget. The best thing is to invest in quality mats that can run longer and save your car’s flooring.

Weather: Select automotive floor mats that are used in all-weather conditions to protect vehicle’s floor from damage. Season-specific mats for rain, snow, or mud are also a good option if you live an area where weather conditions are not specified.

Odor resistance: If you are choosing any mat for you car then consider odor resistant floor mats to get rid of bad smells due to mat materials. Select odorless mats and use air fresheners in your cars.

How Do I Know My Car Mat Size?

You can get the size of car mats by measuring the dimensions of your car floor area. By measuring both the width and length you will be able to get the accurate size of your vehicle floor and mat sizes. If you are not aware of measuring the size then you can search for your car model and make or specific mats that fit perfectly. Once you have determined the size, installing these floor mats is easier.

What are the Uses of Different Types of Car Floor Mats?

Type of car floor mat Characteristics Advantages Disadvantages
Carpet mats Fabric-based mats. Available in various colors and designs. Beautifies the interior, Comfort underfoot. Requires more maintenance because it can stains easily. Less durability in harsh weather conditions.
Rubber mats Made of durable rubber or vinyl material. Perfect for snowy weather.

Reliable and easy to clean.

Limited options in colors.

-Not suitable by appearance for a regular sedan or SUV.

All-weather mats Excellent in extreme weather conditions. Best to protect against moisture and debris. Easy to clean. Costly than carpet mats.

– Limited customization options.

Custom-fit Mats Perfectly fits your vehicle’s dimensions. Offers the best coverage and Safety. Can be more expensive.
Universal mats Fits to almost all types of vehicles. Consider more affordable. May not be best-suited to the car’s interior
Cargo liners – Specially designed for the trunk or cargo area. Give protections against spills and damage. Limited use (only for the cargo area).
3D mats Raised edge custom fit mats. Best fit.

They provide better protection. Preferred in winters.

Easy to clean.

Smells bad due to rubber material.

-They can not cover the car floor completely.

Personalize Your Cabin

Car owners love to customize car accessories to suit their vehicles and personality. Customizing car interiors is easy using our customized mats. These mats for cars are available in different materials like rubber, TPR, PVC, and carpet. Opting for logo mats like military, your favorite sports team, or lifestyle can add a more priding look to your car’s interior or flooring space. Its a great option to individualize your ride than traditional and universal mats for floors. If you like aluminum mats for your cars then we will supply these with your desired colors. In addition, you can buy simulated aluminum floor mats made of vinyl if you don’t like metal mats.

How Long Do Car Floor Mats Last?

The lifespan of car floor mats depends on several factors such as their quality, usage, material, and care. Usually, top-notch mats for cars last 3 to 5 years with proper usage and maintenance. Rubber mats and all-weather mats can last up to more than one year and are more durable than carpet mats. However, if the conditions are not suitable or your mats have wear and tear situations, they may needs to be changed soon. It is best to check your car floor mats after 6-12 months to make sure that they are durable to use or replace them if required.

Where Can You Buy Affordable Car Floor Mats In Pakistan?

You can buy affordable car floor mats from, a leading car accessory shop in Pakistan. You can buy all types of interior car accessories like floor mats in different shapes and materials. Our high-quality car floor mats are affordable to buy online or visit our one-stop shop where you can get your favorite car parts to protect interior. Try our high-end floor mats for your motorcars to get peace of mind. We believe in quality and trust, you can rely on us for any kinds of car modifications and customizable car mats at the best price.

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